House Galion

In 1998 the building at Alte Hafenstrasse / Sagerstrasse in Bremen was rebuilt by a new owner. He decided to have a maritime Flair in cooperation with the maritime district Bremen Vegesack. The modern designed Figurehead should be the character of the buissness building.

About four metres lengh the sculpture was carved from an oak treetrunk.

Architects Wedemeyer & Wilken in Oldenburg i.O.



Klaus Störtebeker for the Eastsea - Casino Stralsund

From a douglas fir the 2,30m high "Klaus Störtebeker" was built in the summerstudio at the beach.
Invited for the opening :The mayor of the Hansestadt Stralsund, Herr Lastovka

Ostsee - Spielbanken GmbH & Co.KG     Seebad Heringsdorf      Strandpromenade      17424 Heringsdorf



Glory of the Sea

The figurehead "Glory of the sea" is called the swansong of shipcarving art. The original one is shown at the Indiahouse in New York. This replika was built for a house in Sweden.

This Replica was made for a private house in Sweden.



Garden of sense at the Lotte Lemke House 
For the 10th anniversary of the AWO senior home in Bremerhaven in 2001 the protected "garden of sense" was opened. Two sculptures ( a whale and a seahorse, both 1,50m from Douglas fir) were intigrated into the beautiful park. The occupier can touch and feel the forms and the details of the sculptures during the visit.
Guest at the celebration was inter alia the German Minister of health Mrs Ulla Schmidt.